Get a Fresh Spa and Meal Package

Looking for some fresh packages? We have some special propositions you will be happy to take!

Get a package at the discounted price and use it whenever you want. Have your breakfast, lunch or dinner delivered to your room or served while your’re enjoying our exquisite spa treatments.

You are welcomed to use our food delivery service and spa facilities all around the clock. Besides, the late evening pastime plans are even more exciting: gather around the outdoor firepit on the restaurant’s terrace to watch the sunset before dining on oysters, sea bass tartare or sea bream sashimi.

If you prefer your fish cooked, look to our menu of grilled fish options, which changes regularly but always offers well-paired, locally sourced vegetables.

We pay a huge attention to our guests’ comfort and dining and provide the best services to indulge the fabulous beauty of our place!

3 thoughts on “Get a Fresh Spa and Meal Package

  1. Stacy Palmer

    This services is indeed great. We have fully relaxed and even get meal packages after!

  2. Misty Mason

    This villa has the best spa center I have ever been at. Fully and sincerely recommend visiting it!

    1. Joshua Roberts

      How big is the spa center?

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