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Building a Better Future Together!

As we all know that Revolutionary Goans is a people centric movement Revolutionary Goans aims at rebuilding the lost pride and glory of the state which has been earned through the hard efforts of our ancestors and people in the past.

Our Vision

Over the last five years we have been working closely with the Goans, understanding issues, raising a voice against injustice and fighting for the rights of Goenkars in their own state. We, RGP are contesting 38 assembly seats in Goa for the upcoming assembly elections. We are the only Regional party which has not tied up with any national party and is giving a tough fight to the existing national and regional parties. Being the only political party which has defined Person of Goan Origin (POGO) and promised rights and justice to POGO. Even after 60 years of liberation we are facing issues related to land, jobs, water, electricity, roads, garbage, corruption, law and order.


100% Government &
Semi Government

100% Housing
Board Projects

80% Private
Sector Jobs

100% Government Schemes
/ Loans & Benefits

100% Communidade

100% Government Contracts
& Business Licenses

POGO BILL (Person of Goan Origin)

OUR BEAUTIFUL GOA has, for quite some time is been witnessing serious problems of defacement, encroachment on our land, destruction of our ethos, culture, erosion of our values, identity and systematic marginalization of Goans, literally turning them into second class citizens in their own land and pushing them into the backyard, making them practically irrelevant. This has been the consequence of evil designs, flawed policies of past and present Governments and insatiable greed of our elected representatives and their cronies who have the least love for Goa and scant respect for Goans. Destruction of our hills, fields, water bodies, rivers, beaches, etc and turning Goa into a concrete jungle is been the hallmark of government activities, solely aimed at enriching politicians, bureaucrats and unscrupulous builders and developers along with their favoured greedy fixers and migrant voters.

Farmers Connect
Ek dis Xetan
Coal revolt
Save Goa
Matadar Meeting
Skill Development
TCP Protest
No to Mega Projects
Clean Goa
PWD Protest
Green Goa

Campaigns and More

No law was made to safeguard the rights of the person of Goan Origin nor any law made to save our land, beautiful nature and Identity. So many political parties came to power in Goa and Governed the state but no one had a long vision of saving Goa for person of Goan origin, saving Goan identity and its heritage. All laws and policies were made to suit the land sharks and migrants which today almost conquered our land and our rights.

Some Of Our Work
Help Us Grow This Movement

RG is the only political party in Goa that runs 100% through crowdfunding and accounts for every rupee received