OUR BEAUTIFUL GOA has, for quite some time is been witnessing serious problems of defacement, encroachment on our land, destruction of our ethos, culture, erosion of our values, identity and systematic marginalization of Goans, literally turning them into second class citizens in their own land and pushing them into the backyard, making them practically irrelevant. This has been the consequence of evil designs, flawed policies of past and present Governments and insatiable greed of our elected representatives and their cronies who have the least love for Goa and scant respect for Goans. Destruction of our hills, fields, water bodies, rivers, beaches, etc and turning Goa into a concrete jungle is been the hallmark of government activities, solely aimed at enriching politicians, bureaucrats and unscrupulous builders and developers along with their favoured greedy fixers and migrant voters.


The Youth of Goa, in particular, having  watched this deteriorating situation in Goa and especially how vote banks are being promoted to the detriment of Goans, RGP drafted a Bill, which was introduced in the Goa Assembly session by RGP MLA Shri. Viresh Borkar defining “PERSON OF GOAN ORIGIN” as a person whose either parents or grandparents were born in Goa or habitat of Goa prior to 20th December 1961. We demanded 100% Government jobs, 80% Private Jobs,  100% Comunidade land, EDC loans and subsidies, shops/property in KTC and GTDC to POGO only. This is necessary  since such safeguards and others which ought to have been demanded and enforced soon after Liberation, were denied to Goans, possibly with the ulterior motive of allowing the present uncontrolled influx which is defacing the character and identity of Goa and Goans.