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Party of every Native Goan – Revolutionary Goans Party(RGP)

Welcome to the Revolutionary Goans Party, popularly known as RGP, the youngest and largest regional political party in Goa. Established in December 2021 by Mr. Manoj, a 37-year-old MSC graduate also known as Tukaram Bharat Parab, RGP emerged from a non-political group formed in 2017 to fight for the rights of native Goans. Led by Manoj Parab, Vishvesh Naik, and Viresh Borkar, this group united local Goans and tirelessly raised concerns ranging from land rights to job reservations and the preservation of Goa’s identity.

Driven by a dedicated team of selfless modern-day revolutionaries, this movement garnered immense support from Goan youth, working day and night for the cause of Goa and its people. In 2021, recognizing the need for a political platform, we decided to form the Revolutionary Goans Party and contest the 2022 Goa assembly elections. With a focus on giving opportunities to fresh faces, we fielded candidates in 38 seats. Our party is entirely crowd-funded, powered by the passion and dedication of these selfless revolutionaries.

RGP’s impact extended beyond borders, uniting Goans worldwide and receiving overwhelming support from the Goan diaspora. In the 2022 elections, RGP secured an impressive 10% vote share, making it the third-largest political party after the BJP and Congress, and winning one seat. Currently, we have one MLA, Shri. Viresh Borkar, representing the St. Andre Constituency, who holds the distinction of being the youngest MLA in the assembly.

RGP proudly stands as the voice of voiceless Goans, relentlessly working for the welfare of Person of Goan Origin (POGO). In the inaugural assembly session, our MLA Shri. Viresh Borkar introduced the POGO bill, which addresses our land rights, job opportunities, and other fundamental rights. Our vision is to safeguard the future of our beautiful Goa, preserve its identity and culture, and ensure the protection of the livelihoods and lands of our native Goans. We strive to make Goa the epitome of a remarkable place to live.

Join us in this journey of transformation, as we continue to fight for the rights and aspirations of every Goan. Together, we can build a prosperous future for Goa, embracing its rich heritage and ensuring a thriving community for generations to come.


OUR BEAUTIFUL GOA has, for quite some time is been witnessing serious problems of defacement, encroachment on our land, destruction of our ethos, culture, erosion of our values, identity and systematic marginalization of Goans, literally turning them into second class citizens in their own land and pushing them into the backyard, making them practically irrelevant. This has been the consequence of evil designs, flawed policies of past and present Governments and insatiable greed of our elected representatives and their cronies who have the least love for Goa and scant respect for Goans. Destruction of our hills, fields, water bodies, rivers, beaches, etc and turning Goa into a concrete jungle is been the hallmark of government activities, solely aimed at enriching politicians, bureaucrats and unscrupulous builders and developers along with their favoured greedy fixers and migrant voters.


The Youth of Goa, in particular, having  watched this deteriorating situation in Goa and especially how vote banks are being promoted to the detriment of Goans, RGP drafted a Bill, which was introduced in the Goa Assembly session by RGP MLA Shri. Viresh Borkar defining “PERSON OF GOAN ORIGIN” as a person whose either parents or grandparents were born in Goa or habitat of Goa prior to 20th December 1961. We demanded 100% Government jobs, 80% Private Jobs,  100% Comunidade land, EDC loans and subsidies, shops/property in KTC and GTDC to POGO only. This is necessary  since such safeguards and others which ought to have been demanded and enforced soon after Liberation, were denied to Goans, possibly with the ulterior motive of allowing the present uncontrolled influx which is defacing the character and identity of Goa and Goans.